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Always remember to use the services of a professional Chimney Sweeper for weddings and the cleaning of chimneys in your home.

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Lucky Chimney Sweeps are following a custom that started about two hundred years ago, when a London Chimney Sweep saved the life of King George 11.

The Sweep had been the only person brave enough to step forward when the King's coach and horse's bolted, the Chimney Sweeper pulled up the horses and saved the monarch.

The King was so pleased that he made an announcement by Royal Decree declaring that all Chimney Sweeps are good luck bearers and must be treated with respect.

The folklore was established and to this day Chimney Sweeps are still considered Lucky and are invited to attend Weddings to kiss the Bride.


  • A tradition going back over 200 years
  • Personalised certificates of good luck issued
  • Lucky Victorian coal sweep gifts to all Brides
  • Chimney sweeping service also available

    Contact Martin P Glynn President of the National Association of Chimney Sweeps
    To book Lucky Sweeps for your special day

    Genuine professional working Chimney Sweeps dressed in authentic Victorian costume complete with top hats and brushes. have your wedding enhanced with a traditional good luck kiss for the Bride and receive your own personalised Certificate of Sweep's Luck detailing a custom that started over 200 years ago. All couples are presented with a 'Lucky Victorian Sweep' figure made from real British Coal. A family business renowned throughout Kent and South-East London for reliable service.